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Jen's journey is a tale of transformation, leaving behind a 15-year career in the event and hospitality industry to venture into the world of luxury vacation rentals in South Florida. With an artistic background and a solid foundation in finance and business, she discovered her knack for crafting exquisite spaces. Inspired by her passion for creating stunning environments, she embarked on a new path, ultimately giving birth to Creative Elements By Jen in 2022.

Immerse yourself in the world of enchanting spaces crafted by Jen, a master in the art of design for vacation rentals and personal homes. Jen goes beyond creating living spaces; she curates immersive experiences for both potential guests and homeowners alike. Her designs effortlessly blend contemporary market trends with chic elements, capturing the very essence of luxurious home experiences. Discover the magic of Jen's designs, where each space tells a unique story of sophistication and comfort.

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